Sunday, 19 February 2012

Forumla Machine 3.0.




The Formula Machine uses a series of four cups, each filled with either, materials, actions, tools or stimulation words. One is picked from each cup and then filled in to a record sheet to record the words and form the formula. From this I then make the art work. The selection of realisations seen are my favourite from the process and later they are displayed in an exhibition like space I created. This official looking presentation fits in with the official way in which the art was made. 

Overall the work says a lot about who I am. I like organisation and structure. It also begins to question and look at authorship. As I don't always select a formula myself but ask other people to do it, is it their formula? But I am acting upon it to make the art work. If I had asked someone else to make art according to the same formula it would create two completely different works of art. The realisations of each formula seem completely random and disconnected but they are completely associated with one another as they are made from the same process. 

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