Tuesday, 13 December 2011


This project consisted of assembling unwanted or disposable objects of our own a creating them into a sculptural form. Whilst most people in my class starting glueing their objects altogether I decided to go for a different approach. 
I find that as a person I am very organised and tidy. I didn't want my assemblage to have a feeling of messiness and most of my work has a simple and clinical feeling to it and I wanted this piece of work to reflect that too. 
I decided to use the workshop for my assemblage and I  vacuum formed different objects that revealed my identity into a mould. The most successful of all the various object I tried as the form of my keys. I did this mould in neoprene which gave the keys surreal, soft and lightweight  qualities.
The assemblage represents the keys as my identity as they are the way in to my home and personal life. No other space is as personal as my room. It's where I ca be completely myself with no inhibitions and act as I please.

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