Monday, 12 September 2011

Day Four Foundation Art

Lion and Lamb Walk No. 12, Fine Liner

Flowers on Lamp Post, Pencil

Padlock on Door, Pencil

Lampost I, Line drawiing not looking at page
Lampost II, drawn with right hand

Phonebox & Letterbox, Line Drawing

Today was spent doing lots of different tasks again. We started by having to draw our face using touch and with our eyes closed which gave an interesting 2D representation of a 3D face.
The next task was to make a sculpture of our head. The previous task had helped with an understanding of the form of my own face and head. I used wire and tape to make the structure and left it as a simplistic and minimalistic sculpture as just the wire on its own to give a feeling of shape and form rather than adding in all the details.
The final task took us in to the town of Farnham where we had to draw urban scenery. The town being quite old meant that there was a mixture of new and old to draw. We were also told to experiment with different drawing techniques and media. The imagery above is some of  my favourite drawings from the day.

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