Friday, 9 September 2011

Day Two Foundation Art

Today was a continuation of yesterday. We completed the tasks we started and started even more. Some of them very intersting and alternative which really get you thinking.
One which was my favourite was using the illustrated pages of an old book we found to make a collage and then using words from the book to title them. I was quite limited in that my book was a Gardening Encyclopedia  and the pictures were very clinical in their content and layout on the page. But this gave me a good starting point. In our group we decided to swap imagery to make things more interesting. My final outcome is a triptych in which the plants and flowers change into an embroidery pattern.
Other tasks included drawing ourselves from a childhood photo with a speach or thought bubble describing the moment or memory; using a current photo and drawing the background in to give a mood to the context in which the photo was taken; and a final task of describing an image to a partner for them to draw but keeps the image concealed until the end. This was a more tricky task, although it wasn't so much about the art work itself but about the ownership of the work. Whos was it? Mine becasue I told my partner what to draw, or my partners casue she actually drew it.
This is a similar method that lots of artists work with. Athony Gourmley, sculptor, for example, has the idea to make a create a piece of work but his technicians often help him in the process of creating it but it doesn't make the work any less his or does it?
I will leave you with that thought, it's something that I still sometimes struggle to get my head around. Two days into the course and it's already challenging my thoughts on art, this year is going to be hard work, I can tell already.

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