Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Today was a first for me. I took the day off from Farnham to help assist and dress at the Amanda Wakeley London Fashion Week show. It was a fasicinating day to see how the fahsion industry works, especially when under pressure for a major fashion show. The buzz backstage when getting ready to dress the models was unbelievable, nothing seemed organised although so much organisation went into the show.
Dressing the models was an interesting experience. The models have between 15-45 seconds to change their looks and being a dresser it was my job to change my assigned model's looks. In a mad panic and rush of adrenaline I struggled to get my model out of her first look and into her second. Never the less it was done and she hit the catwalk in time.
These are a few of my favourite photograohs of the day, when I had a chance to take them of course.

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